Personal Audio Recorder Pro

Personal Audio Recorder Pro 4.0

Make PodCasts on your Palm PDA

Personal Audio Recorder (PAR) turns your Palm® handheld into an audio recorder and POD broadcasting tool. PAR can record voice memos to RAM or on the external card such as SD/MMC and on the LifeDrive™ micro drive.

PAR includes one button press recording feature, keyboard short cuts, export voice memos to the card, import wave files from the card to RAM, pause recording, pause play, rewind and fast forward play back.

Features of the program include:

  • One button recording
  • Background recording
  • Record any length to main memory and on the card. (Depends on available memory)
  • Play back recorder voice memo
  • Play any part of the voice memo, rewind, fast forward
  • Pause recording and play back
  • Import wave file from the card to main memory
  • Export voice memo to the card
  • Beam or Send files to other device or to application for delivery
  • Append multiple voice memos into one
  • Supports multiple cards and VFS
  • Save File Marker and play back markers
  • Highly configurable
  • Keyboard short cuts
  • Export voice memo to the card
  • Treo 600/650/700P: Supports headset recording and playback
  • Treo 600/650/700P: Redirect audio the Handset, Headset or SpeakerPhone. Listen to your voice memo in privacy with Handset mode.
  • Listen to voicemail sent to you via email. Require purchase of the Voice Mail plugin
  • Intuitive user interface

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Personal Audio Recorder Pro


Personal Audio Recorder Pro 4.0

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